For 20 years, Dr. Greg Gerard, as GCA's principal, focused on creating a school environment that nurtured students spiritually and academically. Under his leadership, GCA's enrollment grew from 216 students in 2002-03 to 303 in 2022. His vision inspired a major capital campaign that raised over $21 million for much-needed facility additions, student support, and programs.

You can help create the Greg Gerard Student Opportunities Fund. Your gift, combined with others, will ensure all students can participate on mission trips, in team sports and musical groups, or perhaps go on the European study tour. Your gift will ensure that all students can broaden their perspectives, build confidence, develop their talents and have fun! The goal is to provide annual awards and also build an endowment so that the Greg Gerard Student Opportunities Fund grows to become a force for good at GCA and serves as a lasting tribute to the dynamic leadership and genuine caring of Dr. Greg Gerard.