What’s it like to live with a bunch of other guys or girls? Awesome! Dorm students will tell you that moving into the dorm sometimes takes a few weeks to adjust, but it’s like being in one big family, and they love it! GCA quickly becomes their second home.

Whether you room with someone you know or are assigned a roommate, lifelong friendships are formed in the dorm. There is always someone to study with, laugh with, or talk to about life’s ups and downs. As a dorm student, you enjoy nightly worships together, study hall, and other fun traditions, such as the girls singing Christmas carols late at night to the boys’ dorm.

Women's Dorm
Men's Dorm

There’s a weekly town trip to Walmart so you can buy supplies or snacks. If you want to leave campus during the week or on the weekends, you simply need to sign out of the dorm with your parents, a faculty member, or someone your parents add to the approved list of adults who can take you off campus.

The dorm is divided into halls by classes (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior), with both dorms having an overflow hall if one class is too big to fit on a single hall. A resident assistant is assigned to each hall and helps the deans manage the structure of the dorm in the evenings, including nightly check.

Every room comes with a set of bunk beds, closet space for two students, desk space for two students, a sink, a microwave, and a small refrigerator. Shared bathrooms and a laundry room are on every floor. If you’re curious what you should bring when you move in, here’s a suggested packing list

Dorm Life Staff