GCA believes a strong academic program begins with a solid biblical foundation. We stress academic achievement with a focus on leadership, research, and analytical skills. Our teachers are dedicated to preparing you for higher education. All classes are taught with a Christian worldview in mind that seeks to help you interact with current culture while keeping Jesus at the center.

To facilitate a positive and productive learning environment, GCA operates a one-to-one laptop program, a learning resource center, and peer tutoring. In addition, the school promotes cross-curricular collaboration between teachers. 

For a full list of classes and yearly requirements, please visit the academic portion of the school handbook.

Learning Lab

The learning lab offers academic support if you require additional assistance with your studies. The goals of learning lab include helping you prioritize or review assignments, prompting you to use learning strategies to complete tasks, and planning for upcoming assignments and tests. In addition, peer tutoring is available in most curriculum during the day in learning lab and also at night in both dorms during study hall. Services are offered upon request of the student, parent, or teacher.

Standardized Testing

At different times throughout the year, all classes engage in standardized testing. GCA is a testing site for ACT and SAT on specified Sundays throughout the year. Resources are available for juniors and seniors who want to raise their ACT scores. All testing is coordinated through the guidance counseling and testing office.

GCA students consistently outperform the national averages on the SAT and ACT. Our academic standards prepare students for success in higher education with approximately 90 percent of our students pursuing higher education after graduation.