Up to three alumni or attendees are selected each year to be honored at alumni weekend as Alumnus of the Year. A candidate for this award may be nominated by any GCA graduate, current faculty member, or former faculty member.

Award Criteria

The nominee’s life must exemplify GCA’s motto—“to know, to love, to serve”—which has been expanded upon for the purpose of this award. To be considered for this award, a candidate must meet the criteria in at least one of the three areas.

  • To Know: The individual has achieved outstanding success in his or her profession. 

  • To Love: The individual has shown exemplary acts of sacrifice or philanthropy. 

  • To Serve: The individual has modeled outstanding service to society and/or the church.

The Alumni Advisory Council recognizes that evidence of successful personal application of the motto in one’s relationship to God is impossible to truly ascertain. However, evidence of outstanding contributions to one’s environment, family, church, community, or workplace can be more readily assessed and will be considered. In keeping with Christ’s story of the widow and the mite, it will be remembered that at times one who lives a quiet and steadfast life may be the worthiest recipient of this award.

Nomination Process

To submit a name for consideration, please complete the nomination form or email Nancy Gerard at [email protected]. Nominations and supporting documents (such as resumes, CV’s, newspaper articles, interviews, publication and blog links, etc.) will be received until March 1. Selection of the award recipients will be determined by the Alumni Advisory Council.

Award Recipients

GCA is proud of the outstanding accomplishments and the impact our alumni are making in the workplace, the church, the community, and in their personal relationships. There are countless GCA alumni who are making a difference in this world. Please take the time to read just a few stories of our alumni who have been selected to receive the Alumnus of the Year award.