The GCA Experience is unique to each student, and yet there’s a core message that’s woven through each student’s time at GCA—they became part of a family and they grow in ways they never thought they would. 

Each year at graduation, a number of seniors share their GCA Experience. We invite you to listen to a few testimonies and see how their lives were impacted because of GCA.

“From the moment I stepped on campus, these three words popped up into my head—God is here. It had a whole different atmosphere than any public school I’d gone to. It just felt right.”

—Evan Lamneck, class of 2023

“I met the most amazing people and shared extraordinary experiences with them. All of the relationships that I formed at this school were an immense part in making me who I am today..”

—Riley Wood, class of 2023

“At GCA I found friends who related to my experiences and supported me throughout. This helped me to come out of my shell and realize that I am not alone. . . . If I never came to GCA I would’ve never improved my relationship with Christ as well.”

—Michael Esua, class of 2023