There are countless benefits of a boarding school education! Check out what our parents are saying. For a more in-depth look at the boarding school difference, check out this article.

For Students
  • Develops independence
  • Learns self-management
  • Learns accountability/responsibility for actions
  • Learns decision making skills in a safe environment where consequences are generally not life-altering
  • Experiences opportunities for spiritual growth in an atmosphere that provides age-appropriate spiritual experiences
  • Learns to adapt to and live with many different types of people
  • Learns to work and take responsibility for helping pay for the school bill
  • Develops faith in a personal way; separate/apart from the parent’s faith
  • Encouraged to take ownership for their academic successes or failures
  • Appreciates parents and home more
  • Enjoys rich and varied, but safe social opportunities
  • Develops deep life-long friendships
  • Develops substantial relationships with adults other than the parents who can help provide guidance, spiritual mentoring, and role modeling
  • Learns the value of service to others and is provided with many opportunities to serve
  • Receives countless opportunities to develop leadership skills
For Parents
  • Builds faith as a result of letting your child go and trusting others with his or her care
  • Experiences less conflict with child because of being removed from daily “policing” and discipline
  • Often finds relationship with your child grows closer as a result of the separation
  • Experiences peace of mind, knowing your child is in a safe environment (physically, socially, spiritually, media, etc.)
  • Feels appreciated more by your child for the sacrifices being made, as he or she begins to see and appreciate the privilege of being at a boarding school
  • Friendships are developed with other parents whose children attend the boarding school; not only will your child make life-long friendships but so will you when you become a part of the GCA family