Faculty and staff


Gregory Gerard, EdD

Ext. 4011

Serge Gariepy, MEd

Vice Principal
Ext. 4015

Susan Jenkins BBA

Business Manager
Ext. 4013


Lauren Anderson, BS

Ext. 4048

Bruce Boggess, MEd

History, Gymnastics
Ext. 4079

Dori Boggess, MEd

Library English, Learning Resources
Ext. 4081

Marty Briggs, PhD

Ext. 4024

Kimberly Carr, MS

English, Math
Ext. 4038

LeAnn Gariepy, BA

English, Religion
Ext. 4098

Mark Harper, BA

Ext. 4047

Robby Herr, MEcon

Economics, Math
Ext. 4091

Randy Kelch, MA

Director of Information Technology
Media Productions
Ext. 4018

Matt Lawson

Religion III, Forensic Science, Freshman Experience
Ext. 4042

Patricia Muriel, MA

English, Spanish
Ext. 4076

Candace Nesmith, MMus

Choral and Bell Choir Director
Ext. 4025

Robbie Peterson, BS

Physical Education Director
Ext. 4031

Evan Salter

Freshman and Senior Religion, Study Skills/Test Prep
Ext. 4043

Shannon Scott, BS

Religion, Science
Ext. 4093

Mark Torsney, MSEd

Instrumental Music Director
Ext. 4026


Matt Anderson

Food Service Director
Ext. 4033

Mark Carr

Grounds Director

Sara Chase, MEd

Assistant Womens’ Dean
Ext. 4028

Derrick Collins, MAYYAM

Counselor, Guidance & Testing
Ext. 4063

Woodrow Davis

Food Service Assistant
Ext. 4033

Jeff Freeman, MA

Director of Recruitment & Marketing Services
Ext. 4019

Ines Duarte-Garcia

Food Service Assistant
Ext. 4033

Nancy Gerard, EdD

Director of Alumni and Development
Ext. 4017

Aaron Haldeman


Sherril Harris

Assistant Business Manager
Ext. 4020

Jeanne Hartwell, BA

Registrar & GCA Scholars
Ext. 4014

Albert Hernandez, BA

Assistant Mens’ Dean, Assistant PE
Ext. 4035

Todd Hunt, BS

Assistant Mens’ Dean
Ext. 4035

Kalie Kelch, BA

Assistant Chaplain
Ext. 4039

K.C. Larsen, BS

Student Labor Director
Ext. 4021

Janet Naus

Womens’ Dean
Ext. 4028/4029

Doug Nesmith, MEd

Mens’ Dean
Ext. 4035/4034

Jodi Steele, MS

Marketing & Recruiting Assistant
Ext. 4016

Tom Sterndale, BA

Maintenance Director
Ext. 4083

Joshua Woods, MDiv

Ext. 4046

Beth Zeiss, MEd

Assistant Director of Alumni and Development
Ext. 4075