International Students

Gca 26Georgia-Cumberland Academy (GCA) finds it of great value to its cultural atmosphere to include international students. Because of the multi-ethnic and cultural makeup of the school, these students will find GCA a comfortable place to study.

To be admitted to the academy, a student must have satisfactorily completed eight years of elementary schooling beyond pre-school or kindergarten. A total of 12 years beyond pre-school or kindergarten, with the accumulation of 24 secondary units of credit, is required for a College Preparatory Diploma. Before an acceptance can be granted and an I-20 form issued, an international student must complete the following:

How to apply

  1. Application Form – may be filled out online.
  2. Guardian Information/Commitment Form
  3. Two Recommendation Forms (from your current school administration/teachers); may be filled out online.
  4. Physical Examination Form (to be completed by your physician), including required immunizations
  5. Transcripts/records from previous school, including standardized test scores, discipline and attendance records
  6. 12-month Bank Statements (showing proof of adequate funds to support student expenses) English As A Second Language (ESL) Status is granted for one year to non-native English language students who have not previously attended a school where English was the main language. ESL students attend regular classes and receive credit if they maintain an appropriate grade. They may receive a grade of AU (audit) for a class in which their grade is below C-. This allows time for a student to learn English without the penalty of failing grades. ESL students will also be assigned to two special English language courses. Immigration Form I-20 and F-1 Student Visa

Once an international applicant is accepted for admission, the I-20 is issued by GCA. You then obtain a student visa (F-1) by presenting the I-20 in your home country.