At GCA, we believe that a student's success in school should be more than academic. We promote a healthy lifestyle through physical activity, whether its working out in the weight room, playing on one of the sports teams, trying out for gymnastics, or enjoying friendly intramural competition.

GCA offers the opportunity to become a part of the men's and women's soccer teams, men's and women's basketball teams, and a women's volleyball team. Each of the teams plays competitively with other schools during the school year. Tryouts are held prior to each season to determine who will be on the team.

The Acroflyers gymnastics team has a long history at GCA, starting with the team's founding in 1968. Coach Bruce Boggess leads the team, which promotes dedication, perseverance, physical fitness, teamwork, and a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. Students who want to become part of the team must try out during the first week of school.

For students who want to participate in sports during the year without committing to a competitive team can sign up and participate in intramurals. The school year is dividing into different seasons that feature sports such as flag football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and floor hockey. Everyone is invited to participate regardless of skill level.