Twelfth Grade

Senior year is finally here, and it's full of things to do to get ready for college. Use this senior year checklist to keep track of your progress and upcoming deadlines for testing, admissions and financial aid.

  1. Get off to a good start in your senior year! Do your very best in everything!
  2. Reduce your preliminary list of colleges and come back to school with a definite list of colleges you plan to apply to. Have applications in hand or already requested from the colleges.
  3. Continue to meet with your college advisor regularly.
  4. Take the SAT I in October and November; International students take the TOEFL in October as well. Also take the ACT in October if you wish.
  5. Take the SAT II Subject Area Tests in December if required or recommended by any of your colleges.
  6. If a candidate for Early Decision, Early Action, or Early Notification, take the SAT I in October and the SAT II in November instead of the above.
  7. Attend college meetings, college nights, college fairs.
  8. Refine your essays for the colleges which require them.
  9. Early in the fall, fill out your college applications and turn them in.
  10. Pick up the Federal Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA) Have your parents fill out and mail these forms well in advance of the deadlines if they wish to apply for financial aid.
  11. Take an additional SAT I or SAT II in January if you need to.
  12. Pay additional or last minute visits to colleges if still trying to choose among several or between two institutions.
  13. Be sure to send any additional significant information to colleges while awaiting their decisions (improved grades, higher SAT, major awards, etc.).
  14. Wait patiently for colleges to make their admission and financial aid decisions!
  15. May 1—Candidates Reply Date: Notify all colleges which have accepted you of your decision. Do as soon as you know, but definitely by May 1.