Ninth Grade

  1. Begin mapping out your curriculum plan for all four years in the Upper School.
  2. Take English, math, science, history, and foreign language classes; if appropriate, take Honors and/or Advanced Placement classes.
  3. Pursue 2-3 extracurricular activities which you enjoy; also pursue those out-of-school activities which are important to you (scouts,volunteer work,community service, dance, piano, etc.).
  4. Become involved in leadership roles in your activities; take advantage of leadership opportunities available to you
  5. Begin to familiarize yourself with general college requirements; browse through catalogues in the Guidance Counseling Office and Library. Check out college web sites.
  6. When possible, talk with college representatives who visit Georgia-Cumberland Academy.
  7. Work hard in all of your classes. Read more. This will improve your PSAT and SAT scores!
  8. Take the PSAT in October for experience with standardized testing and to evaluate your progress.
  9. Make good use of your summer; get a summer job, go to camp or work as a camp counselor, travel, take a computer course, etc.
  10. Make use of family trips and vacations to take a first look at colleges.
  11. Parents: begin financial planning for college now! Don’t wait! Investigate college costs, savings plans, etc., and begin saving now!