Eleventh Grade

  1. Continue to take strong college-preparatory courses and make sure your courses meet the requirements of the kinds of colleges you are interested in.
  2. Make the best grades possible in the strongest courses you can handle! Your grades this year will determine your first official class rank which colleges will see. Many admissions decisions will be made based on your grades through the junior year.
  3. Take the PSAT/NMSQT in October. This is the year it counts!
  4. Continue to build a strong personal and extracurricular record through involvement and commitment to your school activities.
  5. Take the ACT if you need or wish to.
  6. In May take the SAT II Subject Tests in writing, math, and any science, history or language that you are completing this year.
  7. Meet and talk with college representatives who visit Georgia-Cumberland Academy. Find out about many different types and locations of colleges.
  8. Attend college night programs, college fairs, and college-hosted functions in Atlanta.
  9. Check out colleges’ web sites and make good use of the resources available online and in the Guidance Counseling Office.
  10. Be sure to get financial aid information from colleges.

Visit colleges during vacations and on weekends; good time are during fall break and during the first few days of Thanksgiving break.