At GCA, we believe that a student's success in school should be more than academic. It is important to foster well-rounded skills and interests in order to promote greater physical and social development. Whether you are interested in competitive sports, gymnastics or intramurals, we have plenty of options available throughout the year.

The Acroflyers gymnastics team has a long history at GCA, starting with the team's founding in 1968. Now coached by Bruce Boggess, the Acroflyers promote dedication, perseverance, physical fitness, and a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. Students who want to become part of the team must try out during the first week of the new school year.

GCA also offers the opportunity to become a part of the guys and girls soccer teams, guys and girls basketball teams, and a girls volleyball team. Each of the teams plays competitively with other schools during the school year, and requires a tryout in order to make the team.

For students who would like to participate in sports during the year without committing to a competitive team, intramurals is a great option that is open to anyone who is interested. More information will be provided by the Athletic Department throughout the school year.