Visitor Information

From time to time, visitors to campus may have need of Technology Services. While our focus in Information Technology is providing support to students, faculty and staff of the academy, there are some services and assistance we can provide to guests of the academy as well.

For all visitors

Visitors to the academy may use the public computers on the GCA_Guest wifi. In order to get your temporary login account, visit the Computer Helpdesk. Your temporary account will be active for that day only.

For Parents and other visitors to students

Parents and other guests of students may access our GCA_Guest wifi network using a temporary wifi account. In order to get an account, the student must come with the parent or guest to the Help Desk. The parent or guest will need to bring a valid Driver's License.

Event Attendees

For many events, if wireless or wired network access is required for presenters and attendees, the event organizer will have requested a temporary login for the group. You should first contact the event sponsor or organizer to see if they have such an account available. If not, you may receive a one-day temporary wireless login at the Help Desk.

Other Guests of Faculty or Administration

Faculty, Staff or Administration members having guest lecturers or visitors that require a wireless account login for the GCA_Guest wifi network can request one for their visitor in advance by contacting the Help Desk by phone or email. You may also request one by phone or in person for your visitor the day of the visit as well.