How to Check Your WiFi connection & How to Connect to New WiFi Network

  1. From the right of your screen, swipe to the left to open the Action Center. Here you can check if your WiFi is on and see what network you are connected to. If the box is grayed out, click on it and it will turn blue.

  1. Anther option is to click the "Control, Alt, Delete" keys and in the bottom right corner there is a WiFi logo, click it

Once you click it a menu will popup from the side allowing you to connect to GCAWIFI or Non-GCA WiFi. Select the one you want to connect to, if it is a non-GCA WiFi then you will need to enter the password for the network.

3. The last way to connect to a WiFi network is through the settings app. Click the "Start" button in the bottom right corner of your display. Then click "Settings"


4. In the settings app click the tile marked "Network & Internet"

5. After you have entered the network tab, make sure you are in the "WiFi" tab on the left side, now you should see your different WiFi networks.