What To do If "it" Doesn't Print

What To do If "it" Doesn't Print

If your document does isn't printing, follow steps before coming to Helpdesk:

1. Check and see if you have print credits.

Balance for Username S5.gž 
Free quota: SO.OO 

2. If you have print credits and you still can't print, you need to make sure you are getting the printing pop-up. On your desktop there is a app called "PPopup" click on it.

Recycle Bin 
Search Windows

3. Wait a couple of seconds and you should see a dialogue box popup, verify that is the printer you are wanting to print to and click "Print"

Print job billing 
This print job is being sent to CHO. Are you sure? 
Your current account balance is: 5.85 
The document is I pages and will cost $0.10.

4. To make sure that the popup is still active, go to the bottom right corner and click on the little arrow, there should be a gray printer icon there, if it is not click on "PPopup" again.

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If you still cannot print, come by HelpDesk to get your problem resolved.