Religion Courses

Religion I (1 unit)

Gca 24First quarter: An introduction to the purpose of the Bible, the various versions, how it is organized, and how to study it. Also addresses the origin of all things including creation, God’s purpose for the Sabbath, and His response to sin. 2nd Quarter: Emphasizes God’s grace for the human family through Adam, Noah, the Tower of Babel, and Abraham. Also considers Biblical principles revealed in the stories of Jacob and Joseph with applications to teen relationships and their families.

Second quarter: The Life of Christ.

Third quarter: An introduction to the gospel story studying the chosen land, the chosen people, and the early years of Jesus’ life. Also covers the early ministry and teachings of Jesus from His baptism through the proclamation of a new kingdom.

Fourth quarter: Deals with the later ministry of Jesus’ life and the mounting rejection by the Jewish leaders and people. Also studies the ministry of Jesus’ final days to His betrayal, trial, crucifixion, and resurrection.

Religion II (1 unit)

First quarter: A general survey of the history of God’s people from the Exodus through the period between the Old and New Testaments.

Second quarter: A study of the development of the early Christian Church according to the New Testament book of Acts.

Third quarter: A sweeping survey of significant eras, events and individuals within Christianity during the past two millenniums.

Fourth quarter: An exploration of the Millerite movement in the early 1800’s through the development and growth of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to the present time.

Religion III (1 unit)

First and Second quarter: The basic beliefs shared by Seventh-day Adventists are explored, appraised, and substantiated from a Bible-based and Christ-centered perspective.

Third quarter: An introduction to Bible study methods. Various Bible study methods will be explored and applied in a thorough study of the Gospel of John.

Fourth quarter: An introductory study of the key prophetic books of the Bible which considers the original context of the writings followed by application to our modern-day world.

Religion IV (1 unit)

First quarter: Our relationship with God- Discovering God's grace and love for us as revealed in the book of Romans.

Second quarter: Our relationships with people of other faiths- Understanding world religions and how we can witness effectively to people of other faiths.

Third quarter: Our relationships with the opposite sex- Exploring God's plans for dating, marriage, sex, and becoming godly men and women.

Fourth quarter: Family relationships- Exploring basic child development, healthy parenting skills, aging, death, and other family issues.