History & Social Studies Courses

American Government (½ unit)
This course is an introduction to the background, origins, development and operation of the government of the United States. Following an introduction to modern political philosophy, the course deals with political participation and the Constitution. Students explore the three branches of the Federal Government. A unit on civil liberties emphasizes First Amendment rights.

Economics (½ unit)
As an introduction to the world of economics, this course uses an online multimedia presentation of economic situations to help the student learn and understand the importance of financial literacy in everyday life. The course is designed to prepare the student to be an informed consumer, a wise investor, and a responsible steward of available resources. Related areas of study include economic implications of current events and the increasingly global nature of economic activity.

United States History (1 unit)
A survey course covering pre-colonial times to the present. Deals with ideas, trends, events and leaders in political, military, social, cultural, and religious history. Considers the relevance of history to the present and future. Recognizes the contributions of a wide variety of cultures in the American experience.

AP United States History (1 unit)
Advanced Placement option available. Request through teacher. $100 non-refundable fee.

World History (1 unit)
A survey of the past considering the origin and growth of Western Civilization and its place in the broader world. Special emphasis is placed on the origin and development of Christianity, and its role in shaping history.