Freshman Courses

Freshman Experience (1 unit)
This class is an introductory course for all GCA freshmen. It focuses on the the technologies used here at GCA, including but not limited to: GCA Connect (learning management system), OneNote, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Outlook, OneDrive, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Students will also work toward presenting a polished and professional presentation for their Freshman Project.

In addition, GCA is committed to training our students in leadership skills and qualities. This will be a major focus of the class in the second semester. The Habitudes Faith-Based program will be used as a backbone for lessons in leadership qualities, relating it to many of the stories found in the Bible. Additional subject matter will include: visual art and illustrations, video production, illustrating ideas visually, and understanding self and how it fits into God's plan for the student. Second semester will also feature in-depth instruction in study skills and career exploration as we prepare the students for success in their time at GCA.