Foreign Language Courses

Spanish I (1 unit)
This course is the first step to becoming fluent in Spanish. Instruction is given in speaking, hearing, writing and reading Spanish. Using Spanish in daily speech is encouraged both in class and out. Class activities are geared to give students the ability to communicate in Spanish with confidence.

Spanish II (1 unit)
A continuation of Spanish I. Communication skills are improved and vocabulary and grammar bases are broadened. The class is taught in Spanish, and students speak mostly Spanish in class. Prerequisite: Spanish I.

French I (1 unit)
The purpose of this class is to introduce students to the French language, culture, music, and cuisine. Students will learn to read, write, listen, comprehend, and speak basic French. They will also learn to recite familiar Bible texts in French, explore French artists, inventors, scientists, and musicians of the past and present.

French II (1 unit)
The purpose of this class is to continue to develop the students understanding and appreciation of the French language, culture, cuisine, and history. Students will continue to develop skills in speaking, comprehension, conversation, role-play, reading, and writing in French. Prerequisite: French I.