Additional Ways to Give

In addition to giving through GCA’s website, you can make donations through AdventistSchoolPay or mail a check to the attention of Nancy Gerard, Alumni and Development Director, 397 Academy Drive SW, Calhoun, GA 30701.

SSO/Georgia Education Expense Tax Credit

Georgia residents, don’t miss this incredible tax opportunity! Georgia law (HB 1133) provides a tax credit to individuals who make a donation to a state-approved Student Scholarship Organization (SSO). An individual filer can donate up to $1,000 and a married couple, filing jointly, can donate up to $2,500. Furthermore, owners of LLCs, Partnerships, and S Corporations can contribute up to $10,000 to an SSO, less any amount already contributed to an SSO this year. Besides receiving a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for your donation, you also will receive the benefit of a federal deduction for your charitable contribution.

This Georgia tax program has become very popular, with the state giving away more than $55 million annually. Please consider following the three simple steps below to take advantage of this tax credit and support GCA in the process.

  1. Fill out the donor preapproval form to participate in the SSO program and send it to GCA (scan and e-mail or mail it to Nancy Gerard). The SSO will upload your application on January 1. (Note: if you want to participate as an owner of an LLC, Partnership, and S Corporation, you can set up your own account with the Department of Revenue and file directly OR fill out the attached form. We will send the forms on to the SSO, which will directly upload them to the D.O.R. website.)
  2. After being approved as a donor, you will receive a letter from the Department of Revenue indicating that you have been approved. Following the receipt of that letter you have 60 days in which to make your SSO donation. At that time, write a check to The Georgia Tuition Assistance Program and mail it to their office at 535 Coldstream Court, Atlanta, GA 30328. Indicate that this donation is to benefit GCA.
  3. When you file your taxes for the year in which you donated, attach copies of the documentation of your contribution, which you will receive from the SSO. You will receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for donating to this program.


Non-monetary gifts may be donated to GCA. These gifts should be of the type that will be helpful to the school and should be in good condition. Examples of gifts-in-kind could be office furniture, landscape materials, library books, artwork, or musical instruments.

Planned Giving

You can support GCA by remembering the school in your estate plan. As you determine how your estate will be handled after your death, you can allocate a portion of your estate to GCA. For more information about planned giving, please contact Nancy Gerard.