Shannon Scott

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Shannon Scott, science and drama instructor, moved to Calhoun, Ga., with her husband Derin and their six children in 2012. Raised in Oregon, she attended Auburn Adventist Academy and Walla Walla College, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in biology. She was accepted to Loma Linda University’s medical school, but she chose to marry and start a family.

She homeschooled all six of her children for part of their formal education, and says that “stepping into this seems like something I’ve done a thousand times. I feel like I’m teaching GCA students just like I did my own children.”

Shannon teaches physical science, which is an introduction to chemistry and physics. She has been involved in drama since she was young, and has written skits and plays, so teaching drama comes naturally to her. She aspires to teach students the value of using drama in a church setting so they can take what they’ve learned and use it in their home churches.

Regarding her new job, she states, “I love it. I feel excited to go to work every day, and unbelievably blessed. It’s a wonderful, wonderful experience.”