Melanie DiBiase

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Melanie DiBiase, science teacher, was born in Loma Linda, Calif. When she was two years old, her family moved back to Georgia, and she spent the rest of her childhood in the Atlanta area. She lived in California once again as an adult for 12 years, and currently resides in Calhoun, Ga.

Melanie has an Associate’s degree in dental hygiene. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in dietetics and nutrition, and a Master of Education degree in literacy education.

Melanie has been married to Richard for 30 years this June. They have two sons – Marc, who graduated from GCA in 2011, and will marry Brooke Fehlenberg (class of 2012) this summer; and Nathan, who graduated from GCA in 2013.

Currently, Melanie teaches Biology, Essentials in Healthcare, and Human Anatomy & Physiology. She loves her job at GCA and says it makes her feel happy to watch her students discover their God-given passions, abilities, strengths, and even weaknesses.

“I love talking about Jesus, the Creator of all life, and making any connection I can in the subjects I teach, back to our amazing God,” said Melanie.