Tuition and Financial Aid

An education from GCA is an investment, and you may be eligible for financial assistance. We have tuition plans for boarding students, village students, students who spend only part of their time in the dorm, as well as for international students. To talk with someone about paying for GCA, please contact Jim Lewellen, Enrollment Services, at (706) 625-7147 or, or Deborah Theus, GCA Treasurer, at (706) 629-4591, extension 4012 or

2016-17 Costs

  • Boarding students: $19,418
  • Village students: $11,490

Tuition and fees will be billed on the 20th of each month, September-June, and earnings from students’ campus/industry job will reduce this monthly amount.

Village Students

$10,700 ($2,120 due on or before registration day)
Entrance payment
Entrance fee
Laptop and textbook CD rental

Dorm students

$10,700 ($2,935 due on or before registration day)
Entrance payment
Entrance fee$625
Laptop and textbook CD rental$425 

Discount for Full Year Paid in Advance (must be paid by August 30, cash or check only):

  • Village: $480*
  • Full Dorm: $840*

*Not available for international students, or to those receiving financial aid. Contact the school treasurer if your student is receiving subsidy.