Mathematics Courses

Algebra I (1 unit)

Gca 34This course introduces algebraic concepts such as the theory and application of variables, graphing, linear equations, inequalities, basic exponent properties, and polynomial operations. Prerequisite: GCA Placement Test Score.

Algebra II (1 unit)
This course, an extension of Algebra I, emphasizes polynomials, exponent manipulations, matrices, functions, and an introduction to trigonometry. Prerequisite: Minimum grade of C in Algebra I.

AP Calculus (1 unit)
An Advanced Placement course designed to help prepare student to take the AP Calculus exam at the end of the school year. This course covers limits, derivatives, application of derivatives, integrals, and techniques of integration. A fee is required to apply for the AP exam. Prerequisite: Completion of Pre-Calculus.

Consumer Math (1 unit)
This course covers problem-solving strategies in consumer-oriented situations, such as budgets, checking and savings accounts, risk management, debt management, investments, mortgages, income taxes, and deductions.

Geometry (1 unit)
This course covers relationships between figures, figure measurements, and the classification of figures. Deductive and inductive reasoning are used to justify properties and theorems. Prerequisite: Minimum grade of C in Algebra I.

Pre-Calculus (1 unit)
This course is an extension of Algebra II which emphasizes polar graphing, trigonometric identities, decomposition of fractions, and an introduction to limits. Prerequisite: Completion of Algebra I and Algebra II.

Math Basics
This course, intended for students who need further preparation for Algebra I, aims to develop fluency with rational numbers and proportional relationships. Topics covered include percents, basic operations, solving equations and inequalities, measurements and data, probability, and basic geometry. Prerequisite: GCA Placement Test Score.