Health & Physical Education Courses

Gymnastics (½ unit/semester)
Dsc 1673This course is designed for students with a previous background in gymnastics or students who adapt quickly to the gymnastics program of skills. The gymnastic team is usually limited for a traveling team of skill and Christian witnessing. Fee charged for uniform and Acrofest.

Health & Wellness (½ unit)
This course includes principles of health and their meaning to the individual and the community; counsel in the writings of Ellen G. White; acquaintance with current advances in health knowledge and healthful living. (Required course for freshman year.)

Physical Education I (½ unit)
Physical education is a required course for freshmen. The program consists of the rules, fundamental skills and participation in team sports and promotion of physical fitness.

Physical Education II (½ unit/semester)
This is a coeducational class offering training of advanced skill in tennis and badminton or fitness and weight training.