Fine Arts Courses

Testify Drama Troupe (½ unit/semester)
Dsc 0034Our goal is to create an attractive picture of Christ in the minds and hearts of our audiences through pantomimes and skits. Our prayer is that we effectively share Christ’s love and that the audience will see Him from a new perspective. We want audiences to meet our Friend, Director, and Acting Partner. “Testify” does not tour widely, but performs on special weekends at GCA.

Photography (½ unit/semester)
This course provides an introduction to digital photography, and concentrates on three main areas of photography: manual skills using SLR cameras, technical skills using Adobe Photoshop CS6 software, and creative skills using proper lighting and composition. Critical to the course are control of photo equipment and techniques, experimentation, problem solving, and portfolio development. Students will be provided with Nikon D200s or can use their own SLR cameras.